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Sorted Out and Forgotten: These are 9 of Amazon’s biggest flops

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Amazon is known for testing new ideas before deciding whether to pursue or pulp them. Many ideas do not even go into the development phase, some become the store keeper and others miss out on keeping up with the increasing demands of the time.

This approach by the developers led to globally successful products such as the Kindle or Amazon Web Services.

And the boom of the group does not break off: In the past fiscal year, Amazon again exceeded the expectations of the experts and achieved the largest net profit in the company’s history with three billion dollars. Thus, the turnover of the world’s most valuable company amounted to 72.4 billion dollars. Where $ 10 billion was spent on advertising alone.

Impressive numbers which prove that the online giant is doing a lot right. However, not everything that is glittering in gold there is showing many failed projects, as the market research firm Marketplace Pulse also notes . TECH SCURRY shows some examples that did not go so well:

Amazon Fire Phone

The company’s first smartphone, the Fire Phone, has not been taken off the market yet, but it’s sometimes one of the biggest flops. Although presented in 2014, but until now, the Amazon phone did not manage to establish itself on the smartphone market sustainable. The distribution time of the smartphone took only 13 months, for which no customers can be found. The integrated photo software, which recognizes items and offers them directly for sale on Amazon, just comes too early to really be taken seriously as a feature. In addition, Amazon’s calculation that users should buy more with the smartphone even more online giant, too obvious. Since then, Amazon has focused on Fire TV , the Tablet Fire HD and Amazon Echo .

Photo: Amazon

Amazon Destinations

Already in 2015, Amazon ceased to operate the service site Amazon Destinations. A hotel booking portal which was started just a few months ago.

Amazon Webstore

In July 2016, the Amazon Webstore closed, an e-commerce platform that competed with Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Amazon haute couture

In 2012, Amazon closed, a high-end fashion site. Their content was henceforth to be found at

Amazon WebPay

In 2014, Amazon closed its peer-to-peer payment service called WebPay, which allowed users to send and receive money. The service was similar knit as Paypal, but it did not even managed to reach its popularity level.

Amazon PayPhrase

In 2009, Amazon also introduced a service called PayPhrase, which was shipwrecked three years later. PayPhrase gave users the ability to ‘checkout’ quickly when placing orders by simply entering a pre-stored phrase and PIN to replace an ID / password combination. This idea also proved to be a hit in the water.

Amazon Askville

For its own Q & A portal “Askville” was in 2013, less than seven years after it was opened to the public. The label “Duds with a short life” does not fit here, but the product still fell far short of expectations, as it was found in the users very little approval.

Amazon Auction

With Amazon Auction, the group was even represented at the online auction houses and worked at that time directly with Ebay together. Although this service has long been closed, but until then, he laid the foundation for the company’s own online marketplace for third-party providers called Amazon Marketplace, on which today builds a large part of the entire business. With Amazon Liquidation Auctions, Amazon In the United States launched a similar bid in 2018, where stock surpluses are being sold.

Amazon Elements Soft & Cozy Diapers

For a few months, Amazon 2015 had its own series of premium diapers in the program. Amazon said to the still sorted out product line, that is currently working on the “design”, which means that the diapers could certainly make a comeback again.

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