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Android smartwatches under attack: more and more users are annoyed

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Anyone who owns a smartwatch with Google's Wear OS sees themselves increasingly disadvantaged. While the competition from Samsung offers a popular feature, customers of Android smartwatches keep looking down the tube. Now the developers have finally taken pity – and there is hope for better times for music lovers.

Wear OS: Spotify continues without offline mode

Google's ultra-mobile operating system Wear OS can be found on many smartwatches. Nevertheless, it continues to eke out a shadowy existence, so the fear not less users. The latest example shows how much the expectations of smartwatch owners differ from what Google offers. A supposedly harmless feature of the Spotify streaming app is now causing trouble. While smartwatches from Samsung and Garmin often offer an offline mode here, this is still not available under Wear OS.

Only the developers of Spotify know why some smartwatches can enjoy offline music via Spotify without a smartphone and why others don't. It is possible that Samsung has simply made some money here – or Spotify does not see the added value. The market share of Wear OS has just continued to fall in recent years.

In the meantime, a posting in the Spotify support forum caused trouble. It was stated here that support for offline music in the app under Wear OS is simply impossible, as there are so many smartwatches with the operating system. In the meantime, however, they have rowed back a little and added to the posting. One would at least "consider" the idea. However, this is not yet a confirmation for the implementation.

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You should definitely consider this before buying a smartwatch:

Wear OS: Has Google lost interest too?

The doubts of users of a smartwatch with Wear OS are not out of thin air. Even if the offline mode of Spotify would certainly be desirable, the decision about it lies primarily with Spotify. The situation is different with apps that are produced by Google itself. YouTube Music recently caused a stir here, because instead of releasing a version for Wear OS first, they preferred to opt for the Apple Watch.