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At a high price: Unique Android mobile phone launches in Germany

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Picture source: LG

Whoever doesn’t feel like having a stinky normal Android mobile phone can now buy a model that really stands out and offers a great added value. But the price is very high. Is it still a good choice?

LG Wing starts for 1,099 Euro in Germany

At a price of 1.099 Euro for an Android mobile phone you have to swallow already. For this price you can also get a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro. But the LG Wing is a very special mobile phone, which offers unique application possibilities with two displays. The main display can be rotated by 90 degrees, whereby a second, smaller display appears in the lower area. This allows two apps to be used at the same time and independently of each other. For example, you can watch a video on the top screen and surf the Internet or communicate via WhatsApp at the same time. The possibilities are manifold.

LG has of course adapted its own apps for the wing, so that both screens can be used at the same time. These are mostly pre-installed apps, which are supplied by the manufacturer. Technically, the LG Wing is located in the upper middle class at a price of 1,099 Euros. Thus, the mobile phone is powered by only one Snapdragon 765G, which is also available in the 399-Euro-Handy OnePlus Nord can be found. Other features include 8 GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory and a 64 MP triple camera. The battery measures 4,000 mAh and can be recharged quickly. Only Android 10 is used as operating system – and not the current Android 11. Those who are convinced can at Saturn or Suck MediaMarket.

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The LG Wing in detail:

For whom is the purchase of the LG Wing?

The bottom line is that buying the LG Wing is worthwhile for anyone looking for a special smartphone: Thanks to the rotatable display, you can use two apps at the same time and you have some advantages when using them. Otherwise, the mobile phone is very expensive for the features it offers – you pay extra for the unique design.


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