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China manufacturer is stepping up: Everyone has been waiting for this smartwatch

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Anyone looking for a new smartwatch now has more choice: the well-known Chinese manufacturer Oppo is bringing its Oppo watch in the 46 mm version with LTE to Germany. The smartwatch can now be pre-ordered. However, the larger version is not as cheap as the “small model”.

The Oppo Watch only celebrated its market launch in Germany in the summer. At that time, the watch was only offered in the small version with 41 mm and without an LTE module. Now Oppo is stepping up and is also bringing the long-awaited large model with a 46 mm housing and built-in cellular module to Germany, reports Caschy's blog .

Oppo Watch: 46 mm model of the smartwatch with LTE comes to Germany

The Oppo Watch will be available on Amazon from November 7th. Image: Caschy's blog.

The smartwatch can already be pre-ordered, the official release date is November 7th. With a price of 399 euros , the Oppo Watch with 46 mm and LTE is significantly more expensive than the smaller version, which was launched in Germany for 249 euros. In addition to the larger display and the mobile network connection, the 46 mm model also has a slightly higher resolution (402 x 476 pixels vs. 320 x 360 pixels), a larger battery with 430 mAh and is waterproof up to 50 meters, according to Beebom the 41 mm variant is already over at 30 meters. The screen is also rounded on both edges, which makes the model look more elegant.

Every buyer has to decide for himself whether all this is worth the 150 euros extra charge. Comparable smartwatches such as the Galaxy Watch 3 in the 45 mm version with LTE cost even more.

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The Oppo Watch in the video:

Oppo Watch: disappointing battery life in a smaller version

With 6.8 out of 10 points, the Oppo Watch (41 mm) achieved a respectable result in the test . We especially liked the display, the various fitness modes and the wearing comfort, but there were deductions for the small battery. "With luck you can get through the day," it said in the conclusion. The 46 mm model with its larger battery could eliminate this shortcoming.

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