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China manufacturer plans Android phone with special feature

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

Since Huawei is currently having massive problems with the US ban, other Chinese manufacturers want to conquer the German market with new smartphones. Now a manufacturer is planning a special feature that could become a unique selling point on the market.

Oppo plans smartphone with custom processor

Oppo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and should now be able to build its own processor for an upcoming cell phone. It shouldn't be a completely new development under his own name, but he could ensure that only Oppo can access it and adapt it optimally to his mobile phones – similar to Apple. According to this, internally it should be about the Snapdragon 870, which should be slightly below the upcoming Snapdragon 875 – reports a source from China . The processor specially developed for Oppo should not have this name. It is only used to classify performance.

The Chinese company could of course adapt the processor to the needs of the smartphone and build a better device. This is exactly what is often the problem with Android smartphones. You buy hardware everywhere and then have to combine it with an externally developed operating system. That's where Apple has an extremely big advantage. Hardware and software are from a single source, so the iPhone brings a lot more power and battery life with a relatively small battery. Android is more comparable to Windows. A lot of hardware and an operating system that has to work everywhere.

Oppo is known for extravagant smartphones:

Snapdragon 875 is just around the corner

Qualcomm will probably officially introduce the new Snapdragon 875 in December. Only then could Oppo reveal a smartphone with its own processor that has the new features of the Qualcomm chip. Apple and Huawei have already unveiled their 5 nm SoCs and launched them on the market. Now Samsung and Qualcomm have to follow suit. For customers this means more performance and greater efficiency – but that is what is promised every year.

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