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China’s manufacturers are planning unusual smartphone, which is causing confusion

Last updated on March 9, 2021

image source: GIGA

Chinese manufacturers dare in recent years more and more. Innovations for the smartphone market do not come from Apple or Samsung, but from other companies that are more willing to take risks. Now Oppo wants to score points with a mobile phone, but this raises a few questions.

Oppo plans Smartphone that can be folded several times

New Oppo folding phone sighted. (Picture: GizmoChina)

Basically you could fold up mobile phones like a small cube. The question is, why would you want to do that? A thick block is just as uncomfortable to carry in your pocket as a too big smartphone. Oppo’s probably all about the patent and securing it. It is quite possible that such a construction will be useful one day. But at the moment we hardly believe that such a mobile phone will really become reality.

Samsung is planning a multiple foldable mobile phone

While Oppo could build a multi-foldable smartphone, Samsung probably wants to make a multi-foldable tablet. The device should then not only be folded up to a smartphone, but completely unfolded and correctly set up to a mini laptop. Add an S Pen to this and you really would have an egg-laying wool-milk sow. When and if such a product will really come on the market, we will have to wait and see. GIGA will inform you when that happens.

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