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Chinese manufacturer plans a feature that no other Android phone offers

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Picture source: GIGA

Chinese manufacturers are known to install highly customized interfaces on their Android smartphones. Xiaomi is a good example where the iPhone is used as a visual orientation. But now a competitor is planning a completely different way.

Vivo could enable a switch to pure Android

test of the Vivo X51 5G >we noticed positively that the pre-installed surface “Funtouch OS 10” is very close to pure Android. This decision was made consciously with the start in Europe, as customers here prefer rather pure Android with few adjustments. From China one can now hear that the next interface “Origin OS”, which will be used on future Vivo smartphones, goes one step further. According to the reliable source on Weibo, “Origin OS” should allow you to simply switch to pure Android. Mobile phone owners would thus have the choice of using a highly customized interface or pure Android. This is not available with any Android mobile phone so far

A pure Android interface has of course the advantage that Android updates are distributed much faster there. This is exactly what Vivo is aiming for in Europe. Vivo wants to score here with unique selling propositions in order to win customers who don’t just want to have an 0815 mobile phone. If one would install the “Origin OS” with the possibility to switch to pure Android on all mobile phones, this would definitely be the case. Other manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei prefer to develop their own software.

Vivo X51 5G presented in detail:

When does the new operating system start?

Currently it is only a rumor, so that it is not possible to say exactly when the first mobile phones will start with the double operating system. However, rumors have been building up for some time now that Vivo really wants to introduce a new interface. If something like that happens, GIGA will inform you about it.

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