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Even a Trump defeat will not save Huawei

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Just hold out for a few more days – then the nightmare ends. Many Huawei fans believe that if Donald Trump is defeated, the US sanctions against the Chinese cell phone manufacturer will also disappear. This hope is a fallacy.

Next Tuesday the Americans are called upon to elect a new president. If you believe the polls, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is virtually unmatchable. For Europe, the likely election of Trump is a blessing. For the past four years, the US President has enjoyed laying the ax to the transatlantic relationship. However, the prospects for China are less rosy – and especially for Huawei .

Democrats are also warning against Huawei

When it comes to assessing China, there is broad consensus among Republicans and Democrats. The People's Republic is perceived as a strategic adversary and the only country that could challenge the USA's claim to global leadership. Only in February, the Democratic spokeswoman for the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, warned against the use of Huawei's 5G technology: "This is about the choice between autocracy and democracy on the information superhighway," said the 80-year-old according to CNBC .

At the beginning of the year, politicians from both parties presented a law with a budget of 1 billion US dollars to help develop alternatives to 5G technology from China. When it comes to curbing or even stopping the technological rise of the People's Republic, there is seldom agreement between Republicans and Democrats.

Here, Huawei fans can still strike:

Huawei's problems continue

None of this bodes well for Huawei. Even with a Trump defeat, the fundamental problem for the electronics company will not change for the time being. A US President Joe Biden might be friendlier in tone, but not in content. A change of power in the White House should not change the US sanctions against the manufacturer anytime soon. Despite excellent cell phones that are clearly superior to the competition in some areas, Huawei continues to have its back to the wall.

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