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For the Playstation 5: Every PS5 owner needs this Android app

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

Together with the PlayStation 5, Sony has also relaunched the app for Android phones. If you buy the new console, you should definitely install the app at the same time. Sony has really worked hard and even given the app a few exclusive functions. Owners of a PlayStation 4 also benefit from it.

Sony releases new PS5 app for Android

After the remote play app was brought up to date in preparation for the launch of the PlayStation 5 , it is now the turn of the PlayStation app itself. Sony has given the app a completely new design and integrated some new functions. Gamers can now, among other things, carry out voice chats with up to 15 friends and start them directly from the app.

The focus of the newly launched PlayStation app lies in the seamless integration of the PlayStation Store. Games, add-ons, films and other content can be purchased directly from the Android smartphone and a remote download initiated on the console. It doesn't matter whether there is already a PlayStation 5 or a PlayStation 4 in the living room.

In the video: The new PlayStation app for the PS5 can do that.

The PlayStation app also sees itself as a kind of remote control for the new console. Games can be started from the smartphone, which in the best case saves some time, as you don't have to sit directly in front of the PlayStation 5. You can also log in using your mobile phone. A lot of system information, such as the available memory on the console, can now also be viewed on the go.

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The new PlayStation app for Android phones is available here:

Price: Free

PlayStation 5 available November 19th

Sony will officially offer the PlayStation 5 in Germany and many other countries from November 19th. Interested parties can choose between a “Digital Edition” without an optical drive for 399 euros and a classic version for 499 euros.