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Google makes Apple rich: This secret knocks you out at

Last updated on March 9, 2021

It is a well-kept secret that neither Google nor Apple hang on the big bell. But when you get to know about it and find out how much Google is now paying to Apple, you are simply blown away.

Many don't even know, but Apple receives huge sums of money from Google – every year. What does the iPhone manufacturer have to do for this? Just set up Google as the standard search engine on the iPhone, Siri and Co., nothing more. We reported on such practices as early as 2017. At that time, speculation was about 3 billion US dollars a year, starting from a billion in 2014. But what Google is currently paying to Apple for the exclusive position knocks out the bottom.

Google will pay Apple up to $ 12 billion

According to information from the New York Times , this amount has now grown to a ridiculous 8 to 12 billion US dollars a year. An unbelievable amount that will knock every person on this planet apart. It is believed that this is the largest single payment Google makes to anyone in the world. With this “transfer”, Google alone would be responsible for 14 to 21 percent of Apple's annual profit, depending on the bill and year.

This well-kept secret is pushing into the limelight with a new antitrust lawsuit against Google, the US Department of Justice is currently taking action against the Mountain View-based company and accusing the group of anti-competitive and exclusive practices in the search and advertising markets in order to maintain an unlawful monopoly .

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Alternatives to Google already exist, as shown in the video:

What are Apple and Google threatening?

In this context, the deal with Apple is under surveillance by the authorities, because although Google and Apple are actually competitors, the two companies operate together in this regard. A senior Apple employee is quoted from 2018: "Our vision is that we work as if we were a company". This of course cries out for a cartel.

Google and Apple – also currently form a duopoly with smartphone systems without serious competition:

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iOS & Android: Google and Apple force another competitor to surrender

A corresponding judgment could force Apple and Google to give up the deal in the future – with drastic consequences. Apple is losing Google's revenue, but things could get much worse for the search engine provider. The New York Times speculates that Apple would then set up its own search engine . Serious competition would arise and Google would of course incur corresponding losses due to lost advertising income.