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Google Pixel 5: Ingenious function makes mobile phone even better

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Google has introduced a new function with its Pixel 5, which is really clever – but so far it has hardly been noticed. It allows accessories, such as wireless headphones, to be recharged in an ingenious way. Other manufacturers are welcome to take an example from Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 5: Mobile phone becomes a Qi charging pad

The Pixel 5 from Google can be charged via cable with up to 18 watts, but also has a wireless charging function. Up to 12 watts flow here to supply the mobile phone with power again. In addition, the developers of the mobile phone, which was introduced in October 2020, have also thought of a reverse charge function, in which the smartphone can still deliver 5 watts to other devices if they also support wireless charging.

One very special function has been ignored so far, as 9to5Google reports. Google’s “Battery Share” is actually cleverer than initially thought. It is enough to simply connect the Pixel 5 to a power outlet with a USB-C cable to turn the phone into a charging pad without any further action on the part of the owner. A Pixel 5 turned upside down and connected by cable thus automatically passes on energy according to the Qi standard to attached accessories such as wireless headphones.

In reverse, however, this also means that the function is activated each time the smartphone is connected by cable. The developers have also thought of this. As soon as “Battery Share” notices that a reverse charge is not desired, it immediately switches itself off again. If reverse charging is desired even when the phone is not connected by cable, this can be set in the settings if required.

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More about this here in the video:

Google Pixel 5: battery significantly improved

In comparison with the Pixel 4, Google has given the successor a much higher capacity of the battery and thus reacted to criticism from users. From only 2.800 mAh the pixel 5 goes up to 4.080 mAh. The also new Pixel 4a 5G has to be content with 3.885 mAh.

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