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Huawei can’t help it: Mobile phone manufacturer repeats old mistakes

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Huawei has done it again: With his latest smartphone, the manufacturer falls back into old patterns that seemed to have been overcome long ago. But at least technically the mobile phone is impressive.

/a> Despite the many problems that Huawei is currently having to deal with due to US sanctions, the mobile phone manufacturer is not thinking of giving up and is continuing to launch new smartphones on the market. The recently introduced Huawei Nova 8 SE offers interesting features at a price of around 330 euros. But instead of talking about the attractive hardware, the design is the main focus – and there is a reason for this.

Huawei Nova 8 SE copies design of iPhone 12

Reminiscent of the iPhone 12: The Huawei Nova 8 SE. Picture: Huawei.

Because Huawei seems to have been inspired by Apple once again, as a look at the Nova 8 SE shows. With its straight edges and the camera module, the new Huawei mobile phone has a design “largely reminiscent of the iPhone 12”, writes GSMarena. In fact, most people are likely to spontaneously think of the new iPhone generation when they see the Huawei Nova 8 SE. Only on closer inspection do subtle differences become apparent, such as the integration of a notch in the form of a water drop or the fact that there are four instead of three camera lenses on the back.

With this, Huawei falls back into old patterns, because the electronics company used to like to use the competition from Cupertino. In recent years, however, Huawei seemed to have found its own design language.

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<With these Huawei mobile phones you can still access without hesitation: 

Rapid rapid charging with 66 Watt and 5G

It is a pity for the Nova 8 SE itself that the media is mainly focusing on the iPhone 12 design. It has features that cannot be taken for granted in this price range. First and foremost, 5G support and the possibility for quick charging with a rapid 66 watts. According to Huawei, the 3,800 mAh battery should be fully charged in 35 minutes. Apart from that, the Huawei mobile phone has a 6.53 inch diagonal OLED display (FHD+) on board, is driven by the Dimensity 720 or 800U, depending on the model, and has four cameras with a maximum of 64 MP. Android 10 with EMUI 10.1 is also on board, but without Google apps and services.

Whether Huawei Nova 8 SE will also come to Germany is not known at this time.

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