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Huawei changes cell phones: This step might not please everyone

Last updated on March 9, 2021

image source: GIGA

Huawei has found a solution for a problem caused by the US ban. The Chinese manufacturer is switching to a new supplier at short notice, but this may not please every potential buyer of Huawei mobile phones.

<Huawei chews 5G processors from MediaTek

For Huawei it has become increasingly difficult to build new mobile phones since the increased US ban. Although the sanctions have been eased somewhat and some exemptions granted, the Chinese company can no longer have its own processors manufactured, for example. This is exactly where the change comes to the customers. According to the information from ithome, Huawei will use MediaTek chips in some smartphones in the future. Until now, these have only been used in entry-level models at most, since Huawei had its own Kirin processors for the mid-range and high-end segment. However, Huawei mobile phones are still in great demand in China and so a solution had to be found.

MediaTek has probably experienced a massive increase in sales and profits through the sale of processors to Huawei. The turnover directly increased by 46 percent, the profit even by 93 percent. For MediaTek such a big partner like Huawei is of course a blessing. Huawei chose the high-end Dimensity series processors, which are supposed to offer enough power and have a 5G modem and NPU. For Huawei, this is currently the best solution until there are other alternatives. Fans of the Chinese company, who prefer the Kirin chip because it is a one-stop shop, might be disappointed though.

The current top smartphone from Huawei:

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Huawei wants to manufacture its own processors in the long run

<Huawei develops own Kirin processors, but has them manufactured by TSMC. This is currently no longer possible, so Huawei has to switch to other manufacturers who are still allowed to deliver. Recently, it became known that Huawei now wants to build its own processors. This would make the Chinese company completely independent and would not be as vulnerable as it is currently. There can be no other way for Huawei after the last years.

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