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Huawei could soon pull the plug: Smartphone users facing major change

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

For Huawei, the situation in the smartphone market is not getting any easier. In order to create more independence, change should now be driven forward. Much is likely to change for cell phone users in the future.

Huawei's EMUI 11 could be the last version based on Android

Huawei recently announced that HarmonyOS will soon be available for the first smartphones . The Chinese company wants to part with Android and thus the dependence on Google. The new operating system should work faster and more efficiently. It is now reported in China that the current EMUI-11 version will be the last software based on Android. Huawei is still distributing EMUI 11 based on Android 10. An update to Android 11 is in the stars. Nobody really knows whether it will come – but probably already.

Future Huawei smartphones should still appear with Android 11 and EMUI 11, but offer the option to switch to HarmonyOS 2.0. Incidentally, in China the operating system is called HongMeng OS 2.0. There, in particular, very few smartphone owners used Google services, so switching is not a problem. It makes no difference whether Android or HarmonyOS is the basis. On the surface, the cell phones with EMUI would look almost the same anyway. For users in Europe, the step would be clearer, since many use Google services here and many apps are based on Google Mobile Services. That doesn't exist anymore – not even with manual installation. A gigantic change that would probably make Huawei cell phones even less attractive.

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Huawei has developed an alternative to Google Maps:

Huawei phones: Say goodbye to Android and Google for sure

Many Huawei customers hope that after the US election and the possible departure of Trump by Biden, everything will be fine again. There is no way it will be. The sanctions are likely to remain in place, so nothing will change in the long run. So for Huawei there is only one way to say goodbye to Google and Android. So Europe becomes free for other manufacturers from China who want to conquer the market. Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Co. are happy.