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Huawei experiences bitter setback: is it going to go on and on?

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA – Huawei P30 Pro

For the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, things are getting tighter. The company now has to accept yet another loss after being ruled out last week. Is everything collapsing now?

Huawei is excluded in Italy

After the EU country Sweden excluded Huawei from the 5G expansion last week and only allows Ericsson, a similar setback threatens in Italy. According to the Handelsblatt , the Italian government is said to have vetoed. According to this, the telecommunications provider Fastweb is not allowed to use Huawei when building a 5G network and should position itself more broadly. Huawei would thus put obstacles in the way in another EU country, although it has not yet been proven that Huawei cooperates with the Chinese government and can spy on states with the hardware.

Italy is giving in to pressure from the US government, which has been taking massive action against Huawei for over a year. The Chinese company now has few opportunities to bring competitive cell phones onto the market in Europe. Huawei is trying to develop alternatives, but it will take years for them to be established – if that can even succeed. Microsoft also failed with that. This could become a domino effect for Huawei – just as the US government wants to achieve. It will be interesting to see how the situation develops in the coming months and which country is still getting out.

Huawei has developed an alternative to Google Map:

Huawei not excluded in Germany

In Germany, Huawei is allowed to participate in the expansion of the 5G network, but there are higher security regulations for the company. This should enable better monitoring with which it could be determined whether Huawei can really manipulate something on the network. Telekom, Vodafone and o2 access the components from China accordingly. But that does not apply to the core network. There is no Huawei. So you don't really trust the company. The biggest advantage for hardware from Huawei is the price. Therefore, an exclusion would increase the costs for the mobile network operators and thus also the customers.

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