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Huawei goes all out: Chinese mobile phone manufacturer is pursuing new plan

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

Huawei is looking for a way out of the current crisis. The US sanctions have been moderated somewhat, but the Chinese company continues to hit hard. Now a new plan is to be pursued that will at least bring some freedom.

Huawei wants to build its own chip production

Although the tough sanctions against Huawei, which were tightened on September 15, have been relaxed again , the Chinese company wants to make itself even more independent of US technology. Huawei is currently developing its own ecosystem to replace Google and Android. We are already relatively far advanced here, so that the first smartphones based on Harmony OS are expected next year. Now Huawei wants to go one step further and also manufacture its own chips. The Financial Times found out . The first chip factory is to be set up with the help of the “Shanghai IC R&D Center”, since Huawei has not yet had any manufacturing experience. This is intended to make Huawei more independent of important chips in order not to be hit so hard by a US ban again.

US technology is to be dispensed with in the new chip factory. That is why the development of processors for Huawei is also starting gradually. Initially in 45 nm production, which was used 15 years ago. In the following year, 28 nm chips will follow, which can be built into televisions and IoT devices. At the end of 2022, the schedule stipulates that 20 nm production should start in order to be able to equip hardware for 5G equipment. Smartphone chips are now manufactured in 5 nm production. In the short term, this factory will not help Huawei with smartphones; in the long term, Huawei will continue to develop the technology and collect knowledge so that it can then also build processors for mobile devices. Then you can make yourself more independent in the sector. Since Samsung and Co. are allowed to deliver again, this step is not so necessary now.

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Huawei has already developed an alternative to Google Maps:

Huawei wins through independence

The situation is not getting any easier for Huawei, but the Chinese company is trying everything to become more independent. The US sanctions hit the company, but they also make it stronger.

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