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Huawei phones: The farewell approaches

Last updated on March 9, 2021

For Huawei, the signs are now completely on farewell. The mobile phone manufacturer has “made good progress”, they say. For owners of Huawei mobile phones, this means a big change.

>/a>Even with a change in the White House, Huaweis problems do not disappear into thin air. The Chinese company also knows that, which is why Huawei not only has its own chip production, but also continues to work diligently on its Android alternative Harmony OS. However, the change from Android to an own smartphone operating system could now take place faster than some have assumed.
Harmony OS: Huaweis Android alternative is ready
From December 18th Huawei is supposed to offer a first beta version of Harmony OS, the Chinese Twitter counterpart Weibo says. This is to be limited for the time being, before a public beta is to follow in January and February of next year. According to Weng Chenglu, the president of Huaweis End User Software Division, the development of the Android alternative has “progressed very well Research and development is therefore complete

The software should be tested for a few months until the upgrade is fully released. More than 90 percent of the Huawei mobile phones available on the market so far are to be equipped with Harmony OS afterwards.

Update to Harmony OS also in Germany ?

Whether this statement applies to all Huawei phones worldwide or only to the models sold in the home market could become the most exciting questions of the coming year. In China, Huawei should have fewer problems making such a fundamental change in the software base. Google services play no role there. Here, however, the situation is different – at least for older Huawei mobile phones like the P30 Pro, which still have access to Google apps and services. The same applies to the various new editions that the manufacturer has been launching for some time now in order to circumvent US sanctions.

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