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After US embargo: Second grace period expires – that changes for Huawei users

Last updated on March 9, 2021

180 days have passed since US President Trump Huawei blacklisted. The US embargo prohibits US companies like Google from doing business with Huawei. However, a derogation has been granted, which has at least brought some relaxation, as it allowed a minimum of technology exchange. The first grace period was already issued in May and ran until 19 August 2019. It was followed by an extension, which expires on 18 November today. How is Huawei going?

The US embargo – a quick look back

The US government accuses the Chinese corporation of using its hardware for espionage purposes. It’s all about network technology, but the consequences of the US embargo are particularly on Huawei’s mobile phone business. Because of the embargo, for example, Google may not grant new Android licenses to smartphones and tablets from Huawei. For this reason, presented in September Mate 30 (Pro) even without Google apps get along – on the device instead Huawei’s own Harmony OS .

In the past six months since the escalation of the situation, there has been much speculation about the relationship between the US and China. Several times there were talks between the two countries, which gave hope that Trump could lift the embargo. However, nothing like that happened.

Another grace period for Huawei – initially for 14 days

However, the USA can not and does not want to cut Huawei like that. After all, the Chinese company provides the hardware for various local mobile networks in the US. And their continued operation must be guaranteed. So it is not surprising that the US again grant a derogation – now the third. The new grace period is, according to ” Reuters ” but only designed for 14 days and thus significantly shorter than the previous 90 days.

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That changes for Huawei users

Huawei has already given its users an update promise for existing devices in May. The smartphones and tablets that have already received an Android license at the start of the US embargo in May, ie have been officially presented with Android, will continue to receive system and security updates. Excluded from this promise, however, are new models such as the Huawei Mate 30 (Pro), which came on the market after the entry into force of the US embargo.

As part of today’s second grace period, Huawei has spoken to TECH NEWS 3000 and tries to reassure its users. The future promise will continue to apply, regardless of any new decisions by the US government, the company said. “We will continue to provide security patches, as well as software updates and support for our current models – Huawei will receive these updates and patches through Android Open Source. This applies to all Huawei smartphones, tablets and PCs that have been sold and are currently on the market. ”

Also in terms of apps, everything should remain unchanged. Customers of the manufacturer should be able to access all apps in the future as usual, so the promise. “Of course, for all equipment also our manufacturer’s warranty and our full after-sales service.