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iPhone suffers disgrace: Android manufacturer triumphs

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The iPhone is unbeatable? An Android manufacturer proves the opposite, and that of all things at Apple’s home game on American soil. GIGA has the numbers and hard facts.

>/a>In the home market of Apple the iPhone was undefeated in the last few years, the top position was always safe for the smartphone from Cupertino and Apple led the market. But now the peace is over and a manufacturer from the Android camp is chasing Apple away from its traditional place in the USA. The latest figures from Strategy Analytics reveal the whole truth – of all things Samsung, Apple’s hardest competitor, triumphs.

iPhones give way to Samsung cell phones in the USA

The figures for the third quarter of 2020 are clear: Samsung conquers 33.7 percent of the smartphone market, Apple has to be content with “only” 30.2 percent, followed by LG with 14.7 percent, somewhat surprising from a European perspective. The last time Samsung took first place was in the second quarter of 2017, but since then Apple has been unbeaten. The drivers of this development are considered to be the inexpensive entry-level and mid-range smartphones of the South Koreans, but also expensive smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 20 are likely to have their share
<It is probably not least mobile phones such as the inexpensive Galaxy A51, which are the latest success of Samsung:

global market distribution

Markable: The special nature of the American market is made clear by looking at the worldwide division of the market. Here, Samsung has occupied first place for a long time with 21.9 percent at last. Apple, on the other hand, is now only in 4th place with 11.9 percent. Silver went to Huawei (14.1 percent) and bronze to Xiaomi (12.7 percent). For political reasons, Chinese brands are not known to play a role in the USA, but they do worldwide.

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