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New Xiaomi Phones: China manufacturer gives special guarantee

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi recently presented new smartphones that offer a very good price-performance ratio. Now the Chinese company goes one better and even gives the owners a very special guarantee.

Xiaomi gives a screen protection guarantee

If you buy a Xiaomi Mi 10T or Mi 10T Pro , you get a screen protection guarantee from the manufacturer. This applies to purchases of one of the two smartphones between October 23, 2020 and January 23, 2021 after activation in Germany. It is important that you bought the cell phone new from an authorized dealer. Once activated, you can have the display repaired if it is accidentally used. With a price of 499 euros for the Mi 10T and 599 euros for the Mi 10T Pro , this service is of course really awesome. Xiaomi has published the following on Facebook :

Image source: Xiaomi

The display protection guarantee covers accidental damage to the display. You can then replace the screen once within six months free of charge. The screen protection guarantee does not, of course, apply to willful damage, scratches or software errors. The glass or screen must have been accidentally damaged, then you can replace it in the Xiaomi store. You can read the details on this special page from Xiaomi .

What the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro can do:

This of course makes buying the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro even more attractive. The cell phones have become much cheaper compared to their predecessors, but still offer a very good price-performance ratio and are accordingly very popular. Now you get an additional protection from Xiaomi that you rarely get from a manufacturer in this form. That could be an additional incentive to buy. So if you have hesitated so far, you can now strike and treat yourself to a Xiaomi mobile phone.

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