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Not only with cell phones: Chinese manufacturers are only now really taking hold

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Chinese manufacturers want to profit from Huaweis’s weakness and are releasing one mobile phone after another. Now one company wants to attack not only the smartphone market, but also expand its portfolio. The long-established companies are unlikely to like that at all.

Oppo wants to build tablets and notebooks

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This is not enough for the company. Just like Huawei, Oppo now wants to build Android tablets and Windows notebooks – reports a source at Weibo. Oppo is thus sensibly expanding its portfolio and exploiting emerging gaps in the market. Huawei is building Android tablets, but they are not popular in Europe without Google services. Samsung and Apple remain the only competitors that really deserve to be mentioned. Xiaomi only builds mobile phones and not tablets. So if Oppo should present really good Android tablets, the market is certainly open for them.

Slightly more competition is likely to get Oppo in the laptop market. But there the Chinese company could also score points with a good price-performance ratio. Although Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Apple dominate the market, a good model would still be available. Windows 10 would probably be used as the operating system here. Exact details about the equipment and design are not yet available. We can only hope that Oppo won’t make the mistake of simply copying Apple’s MacBook. Instead, you should think of an independent design and implement it.

Will there also be a Lamborghini laptop and tablet? A smartphone is already there:

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Can Oppo succeed?

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