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OnePlus takes a risky step: The first Smartwatch has a big surprise in store

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Probably only a few expected this: For its first Smartwatch, manufacturer OnePlus is taking a risky step that could ultimately decide on success or failure. There are enough deterrent examples, even from industry giants such as Samsung.

That OnePlus is working on its own Smartwatch has been clear for some time. In the meantime, the Chinese manufacturer is even heating up the rumor mill itself, most recently with interesting sketches of what a first prototype from 2016 should have looked like. More important than the design, however, is the software that is used on the smart watch – and OnePlus obviously has a big surprise up its sleeve here.
OnePlus-Smartwatch should not be based on Wear OS
Other than expected, the OnePlus-Smartwatch should not be based on Google’s Wear OS. This is reported by the well-informed insider Max Jambor on Twitter. “The OnePlus Watch does not run on Google’s WearOS”, it is briefly stated in a tweet. However, Jambor does not reveal which software is used instead on the Smartwatch.

<Since OnePlus and Vivo both belong to BBK Electronics and there is a lively exchange of technology between the brands, it is reasonable to assume that the recently introduced Vivo Watch could be the inspiration for the OnePlus-Smartwatch. The former does not rely on Wear OS either, but brings its own operating system with it.

<Before buying Smartwatch you have to inform yourself: 

Missing apps: Samsung is a deterrent example

Having your own operating system is a risky step for OnePlus. Although software and hardware can be more easily coordinated, which should result in better results in performance and battery life – two points that are traditionally criticized in Wear-OS smartwatches. On the other hand, an own Smartwatch-OS always has to struggle with the lack of missing apps. Even the otherwise excellent Smartwatches from industry giant Samsung have to put up with the reproach of a too small selection of apps time and again, as they too are based on their own platform with Tizen. A OnePlus-Smartwatch should also suffer from this problem, whenever it is presented.

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