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OnePlus Watch: Fears about new smartwatch confirmed

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Slowly, but surely, it is getting strange: OnePlus will not present its long-announced smartwatch in the near future. You don’t want to know anything about a fixed date for the OnePlus Watch. Is the whole project in danger again?

OnePlus Watch: First smartwatch comes later

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus will not present its first smartwatch in October 2020 as expected. Although there was something like an official confirmation of the OnePlus Watch at the presentation of the OnePlus 8T mobile phone, there now seems to be delays, as the well-known leaker Max J. reports . However, the exact reasons have not been revealed. There is speculation about problems in the production of the intelligent watch and perhaps also in the development of the software.

A presentation of the first smartwatch was actually expected when the OnePlus 8T was presented. Instead, it was only with information from OnePlus’ without giving a specific date. Activities on Twitter had recently also suggested that the OnePlus Watch is as good as in the starting blocks. After all, the name seems to have been established by now.

The OnePlus Watch could look like this:

Fans can continue to hope that these are really only minor problems that can be resolved quickly. Whether the manufacturer will attack with its own smartwatch this year is again completely open.

Before buying a smartwatch, it should be noted that:

OnePlus Watch: a phantom since 2015

OnePlus has been trying to place its own smartwatch on the market for five years now. The original plans had meanwhile been abandoned, although, according to OnePlus employees, the product was as good as finished. The watch is said to have been about to be released in 2016, but was then withdrawn due to lack of quality .

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