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Popular Android and iOS app will be discontinued: You should do that now

Last updated on March 9, 2021

When popular apps are discontinued, users are never happy. Now it’s time for another app that is very popular on Android and iOS. At the end of the year it is over. The users have to react now in order not to lose their data.

Under Armour set Endomondo at the end of 2020 on

<The App Endomondo is one of the applications that have been available for years. It is a fitness app that was taken over by Under Armour a few years ago. Under Android, Endomondo was downloaded well over ten million times and used for recording and analysis of training. The app is compatible with many Smartwatches, fitness trackers and other GPS devices from Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, TomTom and some more. Accordingly, there are many people who enjoy using this application. At the end of 2020, Endomondo will be discontinued now, has Under Armour officially announced.

For Premium Members the subscription will expire in November and will not be renewed. All free users can still use the app until the end of 2020, but after that it will be gone. All data should be exported before. This step is extremely important, especially if you’ve been storing data there for years and have analyzed your training history. Under Armour probably just didn’t manage to monetize the app properly so that it’s worth the continued operation. That’s why the plug is now being pulled after the million-dollar takeover a few years ago.

Our app tips for body and mind:

Many manufacturers have now developed their own fitness apps, so that you can save your recordings there. Alternatively you can switch to Google Fit, Strava, Runtastic, RunKeeper and some others, which you can find in the fitness section of the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. I personally use Samsung Health and Komoot at the same time.

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