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Popular Android app suddenly disappeared: developers are faced with a mystery

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

A once very popular app can no longer be found today or tomorrow. It has disappeared from Google's Play Store – and no one wants to really comment on the developers either. Users of the premium version are in front of a pile of broken glass. What's going on there?

Tapatalk: Android app suddenly cannot be found

"The requested URL was not found on this server". Anyone who is currently accessing the Tapatalk subpage in the Google Play Store will be greeted by this message. The forum app Tapatalk, which was very popular in the past, has disappeared without warning or later sign of life. For several days, links have led nowhere. Users who have already installed the app on their smartphone can continue to use it, but paid premium functions can no longer be fully used or expanded.

Since the premium services have to be processed via the Play Store , a purchase is currently not possible. Whether this will change for VIP customers of the app in the future remains to be hoped. The developers of Tapatalk do not currently know what exactly happened and why the app was thrown from the Play Store. In a post it simply states that they are "working with Google to find the problem". Users should be patient and wait for an update.

There wasn't really much to be heard from Tapatalk before it was kicked out of Google's app store. The Twitter account has not published anything since April 2020 and the Facebook page has been without any activity for over a year.

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Tapatalk kicked out: mistake or justified?

It is possible that Tapatalk's expulsion is just a bug in Google's automatic scanners, which regularly check apps. In this case, the forum app could soon be available again. On the other hand, it is also possible that Google deliberately removed the app, which was sometimes referred to as " dubious ", for reasons of data protection.