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Samsung Galaxy S10 on sale: top mobile phone available for less than 400 euros

Last updated on March 9, 2021

With the Galaxy S20, Samsung has established the successor to the Galaxy S10 on the market. Will the older model be sidelined or will it even become an insider tip? We are investigating these questions now that the sale has started.

Samsung Galaxy S10: slam or wait?

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For whom is the Samsung Galaxy S10 worth buying now?

For everyone who doesn't always need the latest smartphone from Samsung and still wants to get a really good device. This can save a lot of money. The Galaxy S10 came on the market for 899 euros and is currently being sold for 399 euros . Now after the introduction of the Galaxy S20, the price is likely to fall further, so that you could save massively compared to the start of sales. GIGA will inform you when there are good deals with the Galaxy S10.

But you should think twice about which Galaxy S10 you buy. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S10 Plus, but has a noticeably poorer battery life. The Galaxy S10e is even smaller and has a flat display, but it also has to save a little on other equipment. In the following video we have shown the most important differences:

If you want to find out more before buying, read our test:

Samsung Galaxy S10: Long updates expected

Samsung has shown, especially in the last few weeks, that a good update policy is important to the company. Even after almost four years on the market, the Galaxy S7 is still receiving security updates. If Samsung does the same with the Galaxy S10, then you will be able to use this smartphone for many years to come. The update to Android 10 is already here , so you can install the latest Android version immediately after purchasing.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: is it worth buying?

Yes, buying the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus is currently still worthwhile – and the more it will be worth it, the more the price falls. One has clearly seen in the last generations that the prices for current models fall more sharply when new generations are introduced and marketed. The Galaxy S10 and its sister models will remain a very good choice in 2020.

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