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Samsung has introduced a new feature that every Galaxy user should activate

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Samsung has launched a new function in Germany that should actually be used by everyone who never wants to lose their devices again. The company enables smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and Bluetooth headphones to be found again – even when they are offline.

Samsung introduces SmartThings Find

Samsung has launched the SmartThings Find service for Galaxy devices worldwide. If you set up the free service, you can find your devices again, even if they are offline. This works not only locally in your four walls, but also everywhere else. Samsung uses the dense network of Galaxy devices, which record signals from lost devices, send them to Samsung in encrypted form and then guide the owner to the lost device on a map. Samsung does not depend on WLAN or a cellular network, but uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and sometimes ultra-broadband (UWB). The latest UWB technology is used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Z Fold 2.

The following video demonstrates the optimal case from Samsung:

It is important that many Galaxy device owners set up SmartThings Find. This is the only way Samsung can both pick up and retrieve signals from other devices. In the app you can then determine which devices you want to register. From then on, you can display the location, navigate to it and let the doorbell ring if it is nearby. Only the owner can see the information from Samsung. The service is said to be very secure.

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Samsung is planning even more with SmartThings Find

So far, SmartThings Find only supports Samsung devices. In the future, the company also wants to integrate tracking tags, so that keys, wallets and the like can be found again. Samsung would combine everything in one app and at the same time use the gigantic network of Galaxy devices to make the function very precise. If you wanted to activate the function, go to the SmartThings app on a Samsung mobile phone and start the setup. This is now possible in Germany.

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