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Samsung is making the dream come true: We have been waiting for this mobile phone function

Last updated on March 9, 2021

for a long time

Image source: GIGA

Samsung is working on the Android 11 update for its Galaxy smartphones. Beta testers have now discovered a new feature that we have wanted for years. It's just a minor thing, but it makes the cell phones easier to use.

Samsung phones get "double tap to sleep"

For years you can read in various forums that Samsung users want a simple function that has long been available on other smartphones. It's about the possibility of letting the smartphone fall asleep by double-tapping the display. Samsung phones have long supported the double tap to wake up the phone. With Android 11 and the One UI 3.0, Samsung has probably finally answered the calls. This function is being introduced with the new operating system and the revised user interface. Beta testers have already discovered this. If you own a Galaxy S20 or Note 20, you can already install a test version of Android 11 and use it.

The function is not activated ex works on the Samsung phones, at least in the beta of Android 11. You have to go to settings, advanced functions, movements and gestures to switch on and activate the function there. You can just send the phone to sleep by double-tapping an empty space on the start screen or lock screen. In many situations this is easier than reaching for the power button. This makes Samsung phones even more attractive. The company also shows that users are being listened to – even if it takes a little longer.

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What will be introduced with Android 11:

When will Android 11 be released as an update?

The first beta test of Android 11 is currently running on Samsung phones. The final version for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 will probably be published in November but no later than December 2020. GIGA will inform you when the time comes.