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Samsung pulls the plug: Further mobile phone function will be abolished

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Picture source: GIGA

Samsung is cleaning up its smartphones. The South Korean company is once again discontinuing a function that was further developed and brought into focus some time ago. However, it will not be completely eliminated, but will be replaced by an existing service.

Samsung sets “S Translator”

In the last few years, Samsung has tried to copy every imaginable service from Google and provide an alternative for its own users. For example, Bixby is supposed to replace Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but Samsung has in the meantime significantly reduced its functionality. Now the  “S Translator” will be discontinued. Samsung has announced this to South Korean users in a short note. It will end on December 1, 2020. Samsung thanks the users who still used the  “S Translator”. But that was probably not enough, otherwise the service would not be stopped.

Samsung now calls all mobile phone owners who have used  “S Translator” to simply use Bixby. The language wizard can also translate. So the company wants to move all the additional services that Bixby can do there, so that the S Translator is used more often. Alternatively, you can of course use the Google translator if you need a translation into the different languages of the world. There, more languages are supported than Bixby.

<Never lose a Samsung product again

Samsung is clearing out its smartphones h2>

The South Korean company seems to want to free its smartphones from double and triple functions lately. No more wasting resources on functions that hardly anyone uses any more anyway. But it is not possible to see through the plan completely. On the one hand, features will be removed from Bixby, on the other hand, the focus will be shifted to it. So Bixby is probably not on the brink of extinction, as it seemed to be the last time. Instead, Samsung is concentrating on the features that are still being used and are important. This should also be in the interest of mobile phone users.

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