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Samsung surprises tablet owners: New software update comes unexpectedly

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Picture source: GIGA

Samsung is currently making itself very popular not only with mobile phone owners, but also with those who have bought a tablet from the South Korean manufacturer. There, a software update was released that nobody had expected anymore.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 from 2015 is updated

“Android smartphones and tablets are only updated for two years anyway!” – you can save the saying by now if you buy a mobile phone or tablet from Samsung. The company has not only recently updated the over four-year-old Galaxy S7, but is now also getting involved with the tablet. The Galaxy Tab S2 now gets the October update. This is hard to believe, as the device has been on the market for over five years. It has been brought to a secure state and can therefore still be used today without any restrictions.

Samsung even surpasses its own announcement to provide updates for current smartphones and tablets for up to four years. If selected products are used longer by buyers, the update strategy is simply extended. This is what customers want. However, really new functions or a newer Android version will not be installed. Samsung’s only concern with this update is the security of the users, so that they can still use their tablet without problems after so many years.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tried:

buyers of Samsung tablets can be happy

So if you decide to buy a Samsung tablet now, you’ll still have something of the device in a few years, as it won’t be phased out after a short time like the competition. Samsung is attacking Apple directly with this, although the iPhone manufacturer often supplies similar old hardware with new features. Recently, the South Korean company was able to catch up considerably on the tablet market and now wants to make sure that the buyers are really satisfied. Will the smartphone throne soon be followed by the leadership in the tablet market? In any case, there’s not much missing.

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