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Sony is causing a sensation: Such a promise is what all smartphone users wish for

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Sony seems to be doing a lot right in the smartphone sector at the moment. The Japanese company recently not only presented a really great mobile phone, but also wants to ensure that Xperia users use their devices longer. This is now the subject of another promise.

Sony smartphones are to receive updates for three years

First a few days ago it became known that Sony wants to start a program where owners of older Xperia mobile phones can exchange their batteries very cheaply to get rid of the deteriorating battery life and thus be able to use their devices longer. Instead of around 70 Euros as with other manufacturers, one should only pay 30 Euros. According to ithome Sony is also supposed to deliver longer software updates. Instead of the usual two years, there will now be three years of major updates. Sony also wants to ensure that Xperia users can use their devices for longer.

Sony is taking a step that many mobile phone users from other manufacturers also want. In the end, Sony is adapting to Google and Samsung, with Samsung even going one step further. There are at least three years of major software updates and even four years of security updates. But Samsung has already proven that this rule is not fixed either. The Galaxy S7, which is over four years old, still receives security updates and is thus kept up to date. It can continue to be used in this way and does not have to be decommissioned.

The new Sony mobile phone surprises positively:

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Something is happening on Android smartphones

Now that Samsung, Sony and Google have improved their update policy for Android devices, other manufacturers are under pressure. Huawei is actually out, so we don’t know yet if there will be any major Android updates. The company is concentrating on updating its own interface EMUI. But other manufacturers from China like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Poco and Co. would have to react in order not to fall behind. GIGA will let you know if anything happens.

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