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WhatsApp amazes mobile phone users: New function is already usable

Last updated on March 9, 2021

WhatsApp turns up the heat. More and more new functions appear, which the Messenger activates or plans to activate. This time WhatsApp has released a video that announces the introduction of a new feature. To the surprise of WhatsApp users, the feature can be used directly.

WhatsApp lets you clean up storage more easily

In WhatsApp you can easily send yourself photos, videos and other documents. These are stored on the mobile phone and clog up the memory space there. If you use WhatsApp for a few years and back up your data when you change phones, you may end up with a few gigabytes of memory that can be clogged with old stuff. The “Manage storage” function has been optimized for exactly this case. It now shows you exactly how much storage space WhatsApp is using and you can quickly delete large files. You can find the function under Settings, “Storage and Data” and then “Manage Storage”. If the new view doesn’t appear there, update your WhatsApp version.

In my case I used 7.8 GB of disk space. Of that, 2.3 GB are larger than 5 MB and almost 300 MB are often forwarded. The largest group swallows 3.7 GB in my case. Based on this information, I can now go there and free up the memory as I want. WhatsApp only helps me find the largest files that I can quickly remove. I can take a close look at what they are before I delete them. That way I don’t accidentally delete a video from my vacation in Dubai that reminds me how beautiful it was when you could travel without worries.

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WhatsApp also warns you when the memory on your phone is running low. This is no problem for me now, because my phone is equipped with 256 GB, but with cheap phones with 32 or 64 GB this can happen at some point. You often have not only WhatsApp installed, but also other apps and games. All in all the new memory management is a welcome change.

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