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WhatsApp automatically deletes your messages if you don’t read them fast enough

Last updated on March 9, 2021

image source: GIGA

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that automatically deletes your messages after a certain amount of time. The feature is now enabled. GIGA has the details for you.





WhatsApp introduces expiring messages

WhatsApp has introduced self-deleting messages. The new feature has been on the gossip trail for several months and is now being implemented. The FAQ of WhatsApp describes the new feature. According to it you can activate “expiring messages” in a chat. From this point on, all new messages are automatically deleted after 7 days. If you have not read the messages until then, they are gone forever. But there are three exceptions, where messages are still visible after 7 days:

Quoted messages can still be readable after the 7 days, because as new messages they trigger a period of 7 days until they are deleted.
If a message is forwarded to another contact and no outgoing messages are activated there, the message is still visible there and will not be deleted.
If a backup of the messages is made before the 7 days are over, the message is still stored there. It will be deleted as soon as the backup is restored.

WhatsApp also indicates that you can of course save expiring messages in a different way. The messages can be copied manually, a screenshot can be taken and the phone can be photographed. So you should not rely too much on this feature when sending really important messages. To use the new feature, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.

WhatsApp tips you need to know:

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What about photos, videos, etc. that you send via WhatsApp?

Media such as photos, videos and other files sent via WhatsApp end up on the memory of the smartphone and are not deleted after the 7 days. They disappear in the chat of WhatsApp, but are still stored locally on the phone. You should be aware of this when sending photos and videos.

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