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WhatsApp creates peace: Small change creates enthusiasm

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

Anyone who uses WhatsApp a lot and likes to use WhatsApp doesn't want to be unnecessarily disturbed. Now a little thing has been changed in the messenger, but it has a big impact and therefore rightly causes enthusiasm.

WhatsApp: Chats can be muted forever

A few months ago, a rumor surfaced that WhatsApp was planning a change in notifications for chats. Exactly this change was longed for and now implemented. In the latest version of WhatsApp, every chat can be muted forever. Until now, you had to silence a chat once a year if you didn't leave a group, for example, but just wanted to take a look in between times without receiving notifications. After a certain time, the notifications reappeared and you had to mute them again. This has an end now.

Image: GIGA

From now on you can no longer choose between 8 hours, a day and a year when muting notifications in chats, but also for "Always". This keeps the chat permanently silent and no longer sends any notifications. This has long been required and is now being implemented. In future, for example, you can look into group chats without receiving notifications if you don't want to.

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What else is WhatsApp planning?

Another function for WhatsApp that many users want is also to come. Soon you will be able to log in using facial recognition . So far, at least on Android phones, it has been possible to activate the registration with the fingerprint. This is not the case with new iPhones, so face recognition is eagerly awaited there. When exactly it will come is still in the stars. GIGA will inform you when this new function starts. First of all, we're happy that chats can be muted forever.

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