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WhatsApp has done what should have been prevented until now

Last updated on March 9, 2021

image source: GIGA/Emoji Island

For Facebook and WhatsApp it is an important success. The Messenger has introduced a feature that was previously attempted to prevent. But one country is opening up the market for WhatsApp, which could now be completely changed.

WhatsApp Pay launched in India

WhatsApp has achieved an important success. The Messenger can now be used there to send money back and forth without knowing the other person’s account number. It is sufficient to have the contact. After the service failed in Brazil due to a veto of the central bank, WhatsApp can now start a new attempt in the third largest economy in Asia. Unlike Google or Apple Pay, WhatsApp Pay can also be used to receive money from private individuals. However, the system does not work completely autonomously. You need an account from the 140 supported banks in India. But then you can just send money back and forth. The service is free of charge.


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WhatsApp extends functionality

WhatsApp is not only active in India, but also in Germany. Two new features were recently introduced. One is the expiring messages, which automatically delete themselves after seven days. In addition, it is now much easier to clean up the storage space on your mobile phone. So something is happening at WhatsApp. GIGA will keep you informed if WhatsApp Pay starts in this country.

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