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WhatsApp memory management: Delete pictures and videos when memory is full

Last updated on March 9, 2021

You could always delete pictures and videos in WhatsApp when memory was full. The new memory management makes it even more effective. GIGA shows you how it works.





If the memory of a smartphone is too full, in most cases tons of videos and pictures are to blame. Some are homemade, but many come in through WhatsApp and fill the memory. Since you don’t need these pictures endlessly and often only look at them once and maybe forward them, they should be deleted regularly. A new memory management in WhatsApp makes this even easier now.

The video explains the new memory management of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp memory full? Just delete old videos and pictures

If you are running out of memory and too many pictures and videos in WhatsApp fill up your phone, you have several options to make room:

You can delete the pictures and videos in your gallery app. For example, open “Google Photos”, go to the “WhatsApp” folder and delete the files there.
You can highlight and delete individual media files in the chat by tapping them and then deleting them directly.
You can empty a whole chat – but then you will lose the messages as well.
Or you can use the memory management and quickly delete a lot of files within a chat. <WhatsApp storage management allows you to delete pictures, videos and voice messages from WhatsApp in just a few steps to clean up particularly memory-hungry chats.

In addition you can now delete “duplicates” which are caused by repeated forwarding. Whenever you forward a video or image from a chat to one or more other WhatsApp users, the file will appear in those chats and “eat space”. A new function draws your attention to such media and allows you to delete them collectively.

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So you delete many pictures, videos and voice messages in WhatsApp and make room again:

Starts WhatsApp and taps on the 3 items in the overview (⁝) to open the menu.
Now tap on “Settings” and in the next window on “Memory and Data”.
In the next step tap on “Manage Memory”.
Now you will see a list of frequently forwarded data at the top of the screen and the chats with the largest memory requirements below – assuming you have the current WhatsApp version.

Tidy up with the most frequently shared files first – maybe this will solve your space problem already. After that you can turn to the individual chats. You will see how much space they take up. You can either delete them all or sort them and remove the oldest or largest files first. Piece by piece you will reclaim your storage space
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