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WhatsApp: This feature will change everything

Last updated on March 9, 2021

WhatsApp users can be happy: The popular messenger is working on a function that many have wanted for a long time and that will fundamentally change the use of the chat app. But that's not all WhatsApp has up its sleeve.

The gigantic success of WhatsApp is primarily based on its simplicity: While other messengers require a cumbersome registration with email address and password, with WhatsApp you can get started immediately – only the mobile number is required. However, convenience also has its price: WhatsApp can only be used on one device at a time with the same mobile number. This disadvantage should soon be a thing of the past.

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time with one number

In the future, WhatsApp should be able to support multiple devices at the same time, as WABetainfo writes. According to the insiders, who have already revealed upcoming functions of the messenger in advance, the developers should work flat out on this feature. Compared to other innovations that WhatsApp has introduced in the past – such as the new share menu for iPhones – the so-called multi-device support is associated with a high level of technical effort, since the security of the sender and recipient has to be guaranteed .

One protective measure should be, for example, that you are notified in WhatsApp chat when the other person logs on to another device. The first indications of multi-device support came about a year ago.

WhatsApp: Self destructive messages are coming

In addition to the possibility of using WhatsApp with the same number on several devices in parallel, the messenger should also work on self-destructive messages. This feature is already known from other messengers and social media apps. The sent messages are given a kind of expiry time and are then not available to either the sender or the recipient.

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It is unclear when WhatsApp will make both functions available to the public. WABetainfo only says that they will be "available in the future".