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Xbox Series X – Backward Compatibility is already complete upon release

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The design of the new Xbox was revealed at the Game Awards.

Microsoft announced some time ago that the upcoming Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with all previous Xbox consoles . Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now made it clear once again that this feature should be included from day one. So you can access your entire Xbox library immediately on the day of release.

Easy next-gen switch, straight to the release

In an interview with GameSpot , he and Director of Program Management Jason Ronald also noted that not only the games, but also service content such as the gamerscore are moving to the new console. By the way, if it does not appear Xbox Series X, it is simply “Xbox” , as Microsoft has made clear elsewhere. “Series X” only suggests that there will be other variants.

The following features are moving:

  • All of your games for Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One
  • Gamerscore
  • friends list
  • Achievements
  • reservoir levels

The goal is that there are as few obstacles as possible for the players when switching to the new Xbox. Ronald is proud of the full backwards compatibility and makes it clear that the developers put a lot of work into this feature.

If everything goes well for the release, you can switch directly to the new Xbox without major detours and will not lose any progress in your profile or in your games. Since you can load your savegames into the cloud via your Xbox Live account, you should be able to continue playing pretty quickly wherever you are on the One.

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