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Xiaomi is catching up: New smartphone becomes a real price-performance hit

Last updated on March 9, 2021

image source: GIGA

Xiaomi has already supplied the market with several interesting mid-range smartphones, which have an almost outrageously good price-performance ratio, but now a much better model is to follow, which we can already look forward to.

Xiaomi plans further Redmi grade 9

an insider has revealed that the next model will be presented soon. It will again be a price/performance hit, which is technically quite well equipped. The new Redmi Note 9, for example, will have a 108 MP camera for the first time. This would be a novelty for the middle class, as this camera is currently reserved only for top smartphones. The mobile phone is also supposed to be equipped with a 120-Hertz display and only have a small hole for the front camera in the screen.

Xiaomi slowly but surely conquers the market

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