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Xiaomi record poses a difficult task for smartphone competition

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Image source: GIGA

The Chinese company Xiaomi has meanwhile blossomed into an innovation driver in the smartphone industry and is underlining this status again. Somewhat surprisingly, Xiaomi presented a new technology that will change how we charge cell phones in the future. The competition can currently hardly keep up.

Xiaomi fully charges smartphone wirelessly in 19 minutes

Many manufacturers pride themselves on the fact that smartphone batteries can be charged in an extremely short time using cables. That 's not enough for Xiaomi . The Chinese manufacturer is taking a giant leap in wireless charging technology . So far, the company has been able to charge wirelessly at 30 watts. That changes today with the "80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology". As the name suggests, Xiaomi can now charge with 80 watts in a considerably shorter time. A video was also published that shows the new charging technology in action:

In just 5 minutes, the Xiaomi mobile phone is charged to 50 percent and can be used for several hours. 80 percent are reached after just 14 minutes. The last 20 percent then need another 5 minutes. The cell phone is completely full within 19 minutes. The battery capacity is 4,000 mAh, which is a solid size. Xiaomi clearly beats the smartphone competition. The big manufacturers like Samsung or Apple in particular are not following this trend. Chinese manufacturers, on the other hand, compete for the fastest charging technologies.

What else Xiaomi has to offer:

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Xiaomi phone charges quickly in any situation

When exactly Xiaomi will use wireless charging technology in a smartphone is currently not known. The Mi 10 Ultra can already charge with 120 watts via cable. If wireless charging with 80 watts were to be added soon, the cell phone would always be fully charged within a few minutes. Since the technologies are still quite new, it is currently not possible to estimate how this will affect the longevity of the batteries.

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