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Employees wanted: Amazon’s delivery robot Scout comes to Germany

Amazon has announced that it intends to set up a German team of experts for the further development of the Scout delivery robot at the Tübingen location. The first job advertisements are online. At the development center in Tübingen, various teams are already working on artificial intelligence. Amazon is now looking for software engineers and application scientists whose specialty is computer-based vision and who are also familiar with robotics and autonomous systems. Focus on AI-based perception system The new team, together with the scientists of the ... read more at

Xing: Corona crisis is forcing parent company New Work SE to lay off

New Work SE, the company behind the career network Xing, wants to save 16 million euros in annual costs and will also cut jobs. The reason should be the corona crisis. Compared to Zeit, New Work SE has confirmed that the effects of the corona crisis will lead to savings in the company. New Work wants to save 16 million euros in the coming year. There will also be job cuts because the desired volume cannot be achieved with material cost reductions alone, according to New Work. Material cost cuts are not enough It is currently unclear ... read more...

Hacker attacks: cybersecurity looks so bad ahead of US elections

Hacker attacks in the US and around the world show how vulnerable the digital world is. This is causing nervousness, especially before the US election. There is no solution in sight - and election day is getting closer and closer. Robert Dannenberg only writes on paper. The former Chief of Operations of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center sits between colleagues with iPads and laptops. Everyone is typing or writing digitally, but he only has a small notepad in front of him. “Only that is certain,” he says. This is very confidential: representatives of the "Elbe Group", all ex-military and ex-agents, once...

H&M is said to pay 35 million euros for data protection violations

The Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is said to pay a fine of 35.3 million euros for spying on employees. The Hamburg commissioner for data protection, Johannes Caspar, justified the decree on Thursday by monitoring hundreds of employees at the service center in Nuremberg. The present case documents a serious disregard for employee data protection. "The amount of the fine imposed is accordingly appropriate and appropriate ... read more at

Are competitors disadvantaged? Lawsuit against Google expected in early October

Google is now coming under increasing pressure in the US too. The US Department of Justice could bring a lawsuit for violations of competition law in the coming week. The US Department of Justice has been investigating the practices of the big tech giants Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook for months. Google is likely to be the first of the corporations to answer in court. In the coming week, the Alphabet subsidiary will be confronted with an official lawsuit from the ministry, as Reuters reports, citing people familiar with the matter ... read more at

Apple gives in: commission for online events is temporarily suspended

Apple has been criticized by several companies for the commission of 30 percent on in-app purchases. Apple is now suspending the fee for three months. By the end of the year, companies selling online events through the Apple Store will no longer have to pay a commission to Apple. The 30 percent levy has been temporarily suspended, reports Reuters. That goes for companies like Airbnb, Classpass and Facebook, but not for game developers. The exception is to relieve companies that are in financial need due to Corona. Criticism ... read more at

Fitbit deal postponed until the end of the year

There is apparently still a need for discussion in the antitrust proceedings for the takeover of Fitbit by Google. The EU Commission has extended the deadline. Could Google use Fitbit user data for personalized advertising? This is what the EU Commission's current review procedure for the takeover of Fitbit by Google is about. She opened the proceedings in August, and now the deadline has been postponed. In the end, conditions or a ban could be decided. Postponement decided together Actually, the decision should have been made until ... read more at

Bytedance: This is the billion dollar company behind Tiktok

Tiktok was the social media hype of the year - despite reports of censorship and discrimination. We introduce you to the IT company behind the app. The short video platform Tiktok is currently one of the most successful apps among teenagers. It is used all over the world in 175 different languages. Last year alone, the app is said to have been downloaded 750 million times. Tiktok is also the most controversial app of the year: In the USA, people are afraid of China's influence on American teenagers - and wonder ... read more on ...

For $ 4.3 billion: Lastpass operator Logmein sells

$ 4.3 billion lets investors jump around Francisco Partners to grab Logmein. Among other things, the company operates the password manager Lastpass. For private internet users, Logmein is probably best known for its password manager Lastpass. However, the company has a lot more to offer companies and describes itself as one of the top 10 providers in the field of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Several million customers around the world should use Logmein's services, according to the self-description that the company ... read more on ...

Apple versus Williams: iPhone company sued ex-employee and Nuvia co-founder

Apple has sued its ex-chip developer Gerard Williams III. The iPhone group throws Williams, who founded the chip startup Nuvia, breach of contract before. Williams does not take that. For a good nine years, Gerard Williams III was co-responsible at Apple as the lead developer for the chips in the iPhone and iPad. As a so-called Chief Architect Williams worked on about the design for the current A13 Bionic. Williams had left Apple in the spring and had come in November with a funding message for his startup Nuvia from the several-month sinking. ... read more on...