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Counter-Strike world champions aim at the stock market

Last updated on March 9, 2021

30.11.2019, 20:28 pm

The Danish e-sports team Astralis, the world’s number one counter-strike in the first-person shooter, wants to go public. To be redeemed between 17 and 20 million euros.

More than a dozen major trophies have been collected by Danish e-sports team Astralis since its inception in 2016. Four times alone, the clan members became world champions in Counter-Strike, a first-person shooter. You are currently the best team in this e-sports discipline . Now Astralis, which has grown into the media company Astralis Group, wants to go public, as Bloomberg reports .

IPO: Astralis wants up to 20 million

The IPO is to go to the Copenhagen Nasdaq offshoot for small companies over the stage. According to the prospectus, Astralis wants to redeem between 17 and 20 million euros. The shares are to be issued for 1.20 euros. According to Astralis boss Nikolaj Nyholm, European and Asian investors have already placed orders worth over seven million in the run-up to the planned IPO.

The investment expert Per Hansen von Nordnet cited by Bloomberg therefore believes that the IPO will probably be oversubscribed. The timing is good, says Hansen. Investors are currently very interested in the e-sports market – not least because of the current low interest rate phase.

Forecasts for the global e-sports market in 2022 are estimated at $ 2 billion. That would be a doubling of the current market volume. Nearly 600 million viewers are said to have had the e-sports events this year. According to Forbes, the currently most valuable e-sports company, Cloud9, is already worth about $ 400 million.

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E-Sport team is gearing up for consolidation

Astralis wants to use the money from the IPO to strengthen its market position, invest in brand and media platform and equip it for the expected wave of consolidation. Astralis has also had one for Fifa (Future FC) and League of Legends (Origen) in addition to the Counter-Strike team for several months now. In the future, the company could still be involved in Dota. The Counter Strike players of Astralis earn about 400,000 euros a year. That’s about as much as football professionals get in Denmark’s first league.