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Google still targeted: EU competition inspectors examine data handling

Last updated on March 9, 2021

How and why Google collects and uses data is the subject of an EU competition reviewer’s review. This could result in another hefty fine.

For a preliminary investigation, the EU competition keepers sent questionnaires to Google. The subject of the review, according to media reports, is to find out how and why the search engine giant collects and uses data.

So far no opinion from Google

As Engadget reports, the research, according to a Reuters document, focuses on some of Google’s key services. Among other things, it checks the data collection in the local search services, the ads and their orientation, as well as the logon services and browsers. Google has stated in the past that you collect data to improve the services. Users would have the opportunity to manage and delete their data at any time. Engadget is said to have asked Google for an opinion, the company but said to have not commented.

Antitrust complaint only a few days ago

Google has been fined several times in recent years by EU Competition Commissioner Margethe Vestager for fines. She demanded the adaptation of Google’s business practices. However, this apparently did not happen, or only partially, so that just a few days ago, 41 price comparison portals joined forces and filed a complaint with Google against Vestager. Despite a fine of 2.42 billion euros two years ago, Google continues to abuse its dominant position – so the charge of portals. So it would not be surprising if the current investigation leads to another fine.

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