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GTA 6 or RDR 3? Job advertisement at Rockstar heats up speculation

Last updated on March 9, 2021

There are so many rumors about GTA 6 that fans only smile tired when a new, supposed leak occurs. But now an official job offer from developer Rockstar itself has created new speculation.

The studio posted a link to an open site , ( via ) in which a few points stand out, as this tweet underlines:

Wanted is a costume designer, as far as nothing unusual. After all, most of the characters are dressed in rockstar games and somebody has to design the clothes eventually. But it gets exciting when we look closely at what kind of clothing it should be:

“We are looking for someone with great passion for the history and cultural relevance that clothes play in society, from past eras to modern, international street styles and trends.”

In addition, it is important to know how clothing is made, an understanding of sewing and other types of production is desired. It is particularly important to keep an eye on details about clothing, and especially the way in which fabrics and other materials age, change and fall apart over time.

Time travel or murder case?

This job ad shows: The project for which the job was advertised is about clothing of both modern and past times. That would either coincide with the rumors that GTA 6 is supposed to play in several times, or could point to a new Red Dead Redemption that is unlikely to play in our time with its cowboy theme.

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But that’s no surprise. Rockstar’s games cover several eras, so it would be a great advantage for a costume designer at Rockstar to be familiar with all ages, to work on many projects.

And here’s the “but”

But, and now comes a big But: Why does the person need to know how clothes expire over time? This pretty much suggests that not multiple, but a single game plays in different times. And so that they are connected. That could mean a lot.

Maybe it’s just about showing that your own clothes get dirty and messy if we do not change. But it may also be about interwoven stories, especially if we continue to think that GTA 6 may serve several eras.

GTA New York: Prohibition

Time to speculate: What about a GTA 6, in which a protagonist re-opens his grandfather’s formerly secret bar from Prohibition, but discovers a body carved into the wall from the past?

Alcohol smuggling, murder, dirty cops and a mystery that has remained unresolved for several decades but now has an impact on the present would be a story that would fit perfectly into the gangster world of GTA.

Such a big leap in time makes clothes, accessories, décor and everything new and fancy in Prohibition (1920-1933) old and faded. With the Flappers, the still prevailing segregation, Al Capone versus Eliot Ness and other phenomena, in a few epochs of modernity, social upheavals are reflected in fashion as much as they were at that time.

But of course this is just a theory that should underline how versatile this offer can be interpreted. Maybe it is also in the Middle Ages. Or a new part of the Bully series. Or maybe we’ll soon hear about a completely unknown Rockstar brand. We will keep you up to date.

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What do you think the offer means?