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GTA Online gets the “biggest heist Los Santos has ever seen”

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The GTA online casino does not exist so long, but can probably be attacked soon.

Update from 06.12 .:

After the first teaser to the Diamond Casino-Heist Rockstar Games has also announced, when we can start our raid. From Thursday, December 12th, GTA Online players can try PS4, Xbox One and PC on the so-called “biggest” Heist Los Santos has ever seen.

Everything should be more complex: Compared to previous Heists Rockstar promises that the professional gangsters now a completely new approach is required. So there should be several narrative strands that unfold during the mission.

High replay value: The Diamond Casino Heist is to force the players constantly to new decisions, which are to lead each time to another course of the mission. But even if everything went awry, it should still be possible to complete the Heist without firearms.

We will learn more about the Heist launch on December 12th.

Original message from 05.12 .:

Rockstar’s handling of GTA Online pays off: The casino update brought the title, for example, record numbers of players. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the same goes on: GTA Online should continue to be supplied with new content and updates.

One of them apparently includes another Heist, where we can clear out the new casino directly. Rockstar fulfills several fan requests at once and ends the content drought phase of the last two years.

Rockstar Games teast Casino-Heist for GTA Online

Mini-Teaser-Trailer: The new casino in GTA Online enjoys great popularity. The fan rush has even given the title the best player numbers since 2013 and the most successful week ever. Now Rockstar fulfills one of the biggest wishes of the fans.

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Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) December 4, 2019

What does that mean? In the teaser we do not see a very direct announcement, but the short video speaks a pretty clear language. We can make some really big booty in the casino of Los Santos very soon.

Fan dream comes true: This fulfills fans’ long-cherished desire for more Heists. The casino as a target was also among the favorites as a target of a new robbery. Of course, a casino also provides the ideal backdrop.

Drought phase ended? With the introduction of the casino and with the apparently soon planned new Heist then apparently also the drought period of the last two years comes to an end. Although GTA Online has received updates and new activities during this period, the major changes and extensive occupations have not materialized.