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Halo 3 was too easy for him – fan beats shooter with Guitar Hero controller

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Halo 3 is also easy to play with the guitar – if you have a lot of time.

In Halo 3 , as in any part of the series, we can challenge ourselves by selecting the Legendary difficulty level. But obviously this was not hard enough for a fan as he decided to play the shooter completely on the Guitar Hero guitar.

Some people build huge ships out of ice stalks in their free time. Others make a tapestry. And still others decide to end already demanding games with an impossible controller anyway. So did YouTuber Super Louis 64, who spent a month playing the guitar in front of the TV to play Halo 3 ( via vg247 ).

An impossible run?

In a highlight video, he not only shows the most dramatic scenes of his playthrough, the most spectacular deaths and his biggest breakouts during his offbeat evening activity, but also explains how he rebuilt the music controller so that a first-person shooter can play with it.

As it turns out in the video, “play” may not be the word we should use in this context. “Suffering” would be more appropriate. Because of Halo’s liquid, organic Gunplay remains a little bit over, if instead of two sticks and shoulder buttons are only thick buttons and simulated guitar pages.

In fact, we not only see him running but also shooting and even using vehicles. Super Louis 64 has died 252 times, and for one month he played through all levels of the shooter in Legendary difficulty: That requires tenacity. Especially because, according to his own words, he had not touched the game for 10 years.

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His inspiration? A tweet

By the way, he got a tweet from someone who wanted to describe something especially impossible for a joke. This left Super Louis 64 in his head so much that he decided to make the impossible possible. And it succeeded. Currently we do not know what he wants to do afterwards, but maybe someone should tell him about the existence of the Ring Fit controller.

What do you say to such actions? Impressive or a waste of time?