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Xbox One & Scarlett – Several games announcements later this year

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Do we hear new games soon like Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

The year is almost over, and traditionally it looks a bit meager in December when it comes to releases, after all, people are getting ready for Christmas shopping everywhere. However, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, has announced that Xbox fans can look forward to several game announcements later this year.

In an interview ( via ) he explained that there would still be one or the other games reveal in 2019. And that, although already working at full speed on the next generation of consoles.

“With the Xbox Scarlett on the way up, or with xCloud on the move, and Game Pass becoming more popular, I think it’s important right now that we spend a lot of our energy on it use the games that are currently in production […]. “

He also speaks of several yet unannounced projects that would have the studio in store. Here he mentions above all the publishing team, ie those who focus on publishing the new games.

Do we get any new information about Halo: Infinite?

More information at the Game Awards?

In the context of the publishing team, one sentence fell that should make fans sit up and take notice:

“I think you’ll see more new news before the end of the year, with things we have not talked about yet.”

Of course, he did not reveal what Booty meant by that. But the year is not long and therefore he does not have much time for the big reveals. When it comes to the right frame for possible announcements, this year’s Game Awards could be a good setting. They take place on the 12th of December and are thus exactly in the middle of the “still this year” period of which Booty spoke.

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What do we suspect? Since Booty mentioned Halo: Infinite in the interview, there might be more information about Microsoft’s plans with the series. Or there are completely new games announced, after all, Xbox plans the Scarlett a first party game every three to four months .

However, the announced news would most likely be news from smaller titles. The Game Awards do not get as much attention among the fans as for example the E3, which is already “only” seven months away. For working on a presentable render trailer or demo level not even that much time anymore.

That’s why we can well imagine that smaller titles, studios or even a few indies are placed in the foreground.

What do you expect from the announcements?

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