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1 In 4 Americans Purchased Smart Home Tech For The First Time In 2020

Would it be surprising to learn that 1 in 4 Americans purchased smart home tech for the first time in 2020? Honestly, it really should not be that surprising. 2020 was a year where the entire United States was ravaged by COVID-19 and millions were forced to stay home for months.

SafeWise did a survey and found some interesting numbers. In 2020 despite financial struggles both nationwide and worldwide the United States was able to increase or sustain its spending on tech. For example, over 75% of citizens were able to increase their spending or maintain it compared to 2019.

SafeWise did a survey involving 1,000 adults between 18 years of age or older. In all, home-tech spending saw a boom 85% of all adults bought a smart home device of some sort in 2020. Of those 85% are the 1 in 4 are currently living with their first smart home tech purchased last year.

1 in 4 Americans purchased smart home tech for the first time in 2020. No surprise there.

In addition, 78% of these buyers use their smart home tech at least once a day. For those wondering exactly what smart home tech it is products like smart doorbells, smart lights, security cameras, and more.

With so many people staying home it makes sense to invest in smart home tech to make homes safer and more convenient. Moreover, 20% of those in the survey say they regret one or more of their smart home tech purchases.

Of all buyers, 3 out of 4 or 75% are 44 years old or younger. This is not too surprising considering millennials and Gen-Z are extremely tech-savvy. In addition, both generations are becoming more and more wired each and every day which is not a bad thing.

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Of course, not everybody was able to purchase smart home devices in 2020. To clarify, 76% say they never purchased smart home tech in 2019, and of that 76%, 70% are over the age of 35. Again it is not surprising to know that younger generations are more likely to buy technology.

Interestingly enough the digital literacy rate for users 44 or younger averages to about 88%. Whereas for adults over 45% that average is about 76%. Most of the adults who did buy smart home tech focused on automation compared to security.

Smart TVs were purchased more compared to other smart home items

Again, being stuck at home for extended periods of time can make home feeling like a prison. Due to that, it makes sense to make being home more comforting and even more entertaining. In fact, 55% of adults bought a new smart TV in 2020.

Despite this 40% of adults say they bought a security camera or alarm system last year. It can be cool to automate and increase entertainment in your home, but you still have to stay safe. All in all, on average 30% of adults spent $600 on home technology.

Of course, this trend most likely will not slow down anytime soon. As the pandemic continues adults will continue to purchase technology to make this new world easier.

This pandemic has seen semiconductor shortages, Chromebooks become more popular, and more as a result of adults buying new tech. Even after the pandemic is over it is safe to say that many will continue integrating tech into their lives more.

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