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A Hands-On With PUBG: New State

Krafton Inc. just launched what looks to be a refresh to PUBG Mobile called PUBG: New State. This is a separate version of the game that promises to bring some new and exciting additions. Here’s a hands-on with this game to see if it’s worth the 1.5GB download.

The HUD on PUBG: New State is a bit different

PUBG: New State is not trying to reinvent the wheel here. You’re still tossed out of a plane with 99 other combatants, and you’re still charged with the duty of eliminating all of them.
When you start playing, you’ll start to see the subtle changes that you’ll either love or loathe. For starters, the HUD is a bit different. It seems a bit more cluttered because there are a few more buttons compared to PUBG Mobile.

For starters, you have the peek options which allow you to peek around corners. There’s also an option that lets you aim down your sights but stay in third-person. You have the emote button and the drone store button. On top of the added buttons, they are all a bit smaller, which does make it a bit harder to play.

You can buy items during the match

Above, I mentioned there’s a drone store button, but what is the drone store? As you play the match, you’ll wrack up money called Drone Credits. Tapping the icon in the HUD will open up a panel on the side with items you can buy. You can order items like health, ammo, gear, weapon customization kits, adrenaline shots, etc.

When you buy the item, you’ll then choose where you want it to land on the map. A drone will fly by and drop the item in that location, so you’ll have to be careful where you drop it. Once you order an item, there’s a cool-down period before you can order again.

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There’s added destructibility

A neat new addition is the ability to destroy certain things in the game to give you a bit of tactical advantage. For starters, you are able to shoot doors and blow off chunks. Shooting the bottom lets you throw a grenade under it. You can also destroy the door altogether to eliminate a person’s cover.

Along with that, you can use your car to plow through buildings. Before you get too excited, there are limits to this. The only buildings you can crash through are the small buildings scattered around. These are the tiny wooden structures that typically hold 1-2 items. You can ram right through them and smoosh whoever’s in there.

There’s a team deathmatch mode

It’s not new to the PUBG universe, but team deathmatch is one of the modes you can play here. This feature is currently in beta form, and it’s restricted to one map (Station). In Call of Duty style, you and three other people face off against a team of four opponents. The first team to get 40 kills will be the winners.

In PUBG: New State, you can store items in cars

You can only hold a certain amount of items on your character depending on what level your bag is. In New State, you have the added option to store items in your vehicles. When you approach a vehicle, a new option will appear above the “Drive” button. You will be able to add on an additional 500 holding capacity.

You can customize your guns

If you’re looking to change and mod your gun, there are new gun customizations available. You can pick up customization kits throughout the level and via the drone shop. You’ll use these customizations to help give you the edge. Just remember that each customization can have a negative effect along with a positive one.

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Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or casual, PUBG: New State looks like it will be a top play. If you’re pumped to play PUBG: New State, it’s available to download and free to play. Just make sure you have at least 1.5GB – 2GB free on your device to install it.

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