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A new line-up of TCL Q & S class TVs is now available for purchase

If you are currently in the market shopping for a smart TV, the new TCL Q and S class line-up might catch your fancy. The smart TV manufacturer TCL just announced this new lineup of products as it aims to gain more users. To appeal to users of this product, TCL made sure to pack a ton of impressive features on both the Q and S TV series.

Aside from their hardware specifications, prospective buyers will find the smart features of these products appealing. Both the Q and the S series run Five TVs out of the box, and this system is popular in the region where these products aim to retail. TCL is already making these TVs available for purchase in the US, which is the main target market for retail.

When it comes to hardware, the new Q series from TCL comes with QLED screen displays. The more affordable S series comes with a 4K UHD screen on the top models and a 1080p FHD display on the base models. Either series users go for, they will get a wide range of choices on which screen size works best for them.

TCL’s new Q and S class TVs might be a great pick for you if you’re into Fire TV vibes

Fire TV lovers will find these new series from TCL very impressive and very usable. This software comes with a ton of smart features that make streaming your favourite movies and shows blissful. But TCL also did a good job with the specifications of the new Q and S class TVs.

The Q class is more expensive and packs a better display, while the S class is more affordable. With the new Q class, prospective buyers get stunning 4K Ua HD Resolution with QLED technology and UaWide Color Gamut technology. However, the S class comes with 4K UHD technology on some trims and 1080p FHD on other trims.

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Both models offer up to 75 inches worth of screen size, the Q class starts at 55 inches and the S class starts at 32 inches. With the Q class, buyers get more impressive HDR formats, unlike the basic HDR formats in the S class. The Q class also gives buyers better picture quality thanks to the High Brightness Direct LED Backlight they come loaded with.

Both series support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for better display and sound quality. The new TCL Q and S class TVs both come with a ton of connectivity ports for pairing with peripherals. These will be ideal for those who game on their TV and for this, the Q class offers Motion Rate 120 for smooth gaming.

The starting price for the Q class is $449.99 for the 55-inch option, and it tops out at $799 for the 75-inch option. The S class TVs kick off pricing at $169.99 for the 1080p FHD 32-inch option and tops out at $649.99 for the 4K UHD 75-inch option. These TVs from TCL are now making their way to retail stores both online and offline for purchase.

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